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Why We Use an Algorithm to Size You

July 07, 2016

Well over half of all online clothing returns are due to poor fit, with other sources reporting as high as 80%. If you're here, you know that getting clothes that fit properly is damn hard, and extremely important.

You grab a shirt off the rack and it may fit your neck but not the rest of your body. The sleeves are too long, too short, the torso too loose, or skin tight. In short, off the rack shirts don't let your true self shine through, and you don't look and feel great.

It's clear that the world does not fit into small, medium, and large. You're a snowflake, and the answer is getting a shirt that is cut for your unique body shape. Now that we've agreed that custom shirts just make sense, how can we get your exact body measurements with the least amount of hassle?

The Local Tailor Approach


We could ask you to go to your local tailor and get the measurements we need. But, our shirts are fierce and time is limited. Unless you have a handy live-in hybrid butler/tailor, this doesn't fit in with your schedule very well. And frankly, hybrid butler/tailor Jeeves has better things to do with his time as well. Furthermore, tailors have their own interpretation of how to take each measurement. It has worked for them for decades, but we won't know how to correctly interpret their measurements when crafting your fit profile.



We could also send you a measuring tape and ask you to find a willing friend or love partner to measure you. Again, more waiting time: not great. But really what this adds is even more variance to an already complicated process. We could write the best directions ever, but there will still be A LOT of human error involved. When we beta tested customer measurements, we heard tales of 45 minute measuring sessions. Accuracy rates were extremely low, to say the least. Sad!



But what about this little device I carry around in my pocket, you may ask. While the camera on your smartphone is great for taking pictures to make your friends jealous, it's not made to capture the three dimensional space of your body. Additionally, to get the measurements we need for a great-fitting shirt, you'd have to wear form fitting clothing, or next to nothing at all. So, no awkward selfies for us.

Data + Domain Expertise = The Answer


Our algorithm is the best of old world garment knowledge and modern machine learning. The algorithm was developed by a third generation tailor in conjunction with leading data scientists, and requires the least amount of work from you for the best possible return. It has literally millions of data points of men of all shapes and sizes to reference.

We ask for six inputs: height, weight, pants size, collar, sleeve length, and your jacket size. Check your closet if you aren't sure of any of these off the top of your head. Each input on its own is not enough: two guys who are the same weight might have very different builds, or two guys with the same collar may have two very different waist sizes. When combined, these data points are extremely powerful. Our algorithm is able to triangulate your precise measurements to make for a perfect-fitting shirt without ever having to leave your home or snap a Geraldo selfie.

Ready to get sized? Click below to answer our fit algorithm questions and then shop for a perfect fitting shirt.