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What Your Tie Knot Says About You

July 20, 2016

Do you know what your tie choice says about you? The right choice of tie color can create an aura of greatness...or at least competence, to your fellow humans. Correct tie knot choice can make you look classier, slimmer, taller, or maybe all three. So buckle up as we take you through some options on tie knots and color and what they convey to your fellow world citizens.

The Knot

Fun fact: We did some research on the interwebs and counted over 80 different ways to tie a tie. And you thought there was only that one way you frantically learned for your part time internship in college! Here's the three most popular tie knots and what you convey with each:

The Windsor Knot

First off, the Windsor knot is often thought to be named after the Duke of Windsor - formerly King Edward VIII before his abdication. History! The Windsor knot is now the most common workplace knot. When done right it is large, triangular, symmetrical, and fits nicely into a spread collar. It looks great on most face shapes and conveys a sense of power.

The Half Windsor Knot

The Half Windsor is actually closer to three-quarters the size of the Windsor knot...But whatever. We'll go with it since it's easier to say. This is the JV version Full Windsor (above). It is nearly symmetrical and probably slightly more casual and versatile than The Windsor. It is slightly slimming to the face.

The Four in Hand Knot

This is a slightly narrower knot that works well for guys with short necks and/or rounder faces. This will work well under a straight collar in a more casual setting. It is probably the single most-used type of knot since it is the easiest to tie.


Color is generally the first thing that people notice, regardless of clothing item, and it conveys a lot more than you think. Tie color choice is that much more important because it sits front and center, literally, on your body. If you're looking to make a quick impression, here is what the following tie colors say about you:


In America, Green is the color of money...And envy. It's also the color of stocks going up. Now that we have those (mostly) useless facts out of the way...A medium to darker green tie implies you enjoy a challenge and are adventurous at heart. A lighter shade of green connotes energy and status or wealth.


The color of boring, right? The epitome of drab. Wrong! Brown ties are awesome. Brown makes you look masculine, humble, and approachable.


As expected, black ties show you as sophisticated, stylish, polished, and serious. If you want to look classy, reach for the black tie.


Darker blue = loyal, honest, and confident. Lighter blue = youthful, fun, and loose. Basically, fun loving. Blue is versatile like that.


It's the power tie in the power suit, power tie, power stare - triple threat. It shows you as authoritative, aggressive, smart, and resilient. A powerful addition to your leadership closet which also includes leadership pants.

That sums it up. Do you have a favorite tie color or knot? Maybe you can pair it with one of our perfect fitting custom shirts. Check out our business collection here and get started on your custom fit.