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What Pants Go With My Shirt?

October 13, 2015


Pants, man. They're so confusing, amirite? So many options...Fabric, cut, color, brand...ball space. There are more variables than John Nash knows what to do with - HEYO - nerd reference! You are but a simple man who wants to look good in his pants. So what follows is a three step guide to wearing better pants with your radical Pacific Issue shirts.

With all clothes, it's about fit. Pants are no different. You could rock a ratty pair of overalls that fit well and still pick up a few compliments. That said, you should definitely not wear overalls. We recommend picking a tailored, but not “emo skinny", style fit. That means tapering. No straight legs or boot cut. If you currently own a pair of pants that fit this description, take those bad boys to your local alterations shop. Any small town tailor worth his salt can taper legs for you. It shouldn't run you more than $20 and will refresh your wardrobe. Unfortunately we still can't do anything about that face...

There are a lot of types of fabric out there. If you want the bare minimum types of pants that'll give you versatility (yay!) you'll want to the following in your closet:

  1. Denim jeans - Denim is actually a cotton fabric woven in a particular way to create a sturdy structured fabric. Every person should own a pair of jeans. You are not a normal human unless you own jeans.
  2. Twill/Chinos - Chinos or twill pants, like jeans, are also woven from cotton. They are treated and brushed to get a softer feel. They offer a lighter feel than denim with all of the casual-look benefits. If you consider yourself casual and/or soft, these are the pants for you.
  3. Dress pants - While big boy pants can be itchy and annoying, a nicely fitted pair of trousers can be appealing to people who have to look at you throughout the workday. 100% wool slacks breath best and hold their shape relatively well. Again, don't get pleats unless your name is Old Man River.

Colors can be tricky, especially because they vary depending on your skin tone. At Pacific Issue, we say, to hell with following color charts. When in doubt, try to pair a light shirt with dark pants or vice versa. If you're wearing color block pants (pictured above), throw on a shirt with a pattern like a floral or gingham. If you're wearing pants with a pattern, chuck on a solid shirt. If you're a tall ass dude, try to wear very different shirt and pants colors (like blue and yellow or maroon and green). Also break up the colors with a brown or black belt. If you're a short ass dude, you can afford to get your pants and shirt closer in color. But don't get too close. No one outside of Canada or Portland appreciates an all denim or beige outfit.

If you're still in doubt about what color pants to pair with your shirt, send us a pic at or get at us on the social medias (@pacificissue). We will send you a snappy piece of tailored advice - pun intended. You're welcome.

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