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Behind the Scenes - How a Pacific Issue Custom Shirt Is Made

July 28, 2016

This post is in the spirit of transparency. These days, it seems everyone wants to see how the sausage is made. And who are we to tell you no, you can't see our sausage. Wait...That came out wrong. Here's a glimpse into our process and how your shirt goes from concept, to beautifully finished product on your back.

Build Your Custom Shirt

Step 1: You Build It (Avg time = 5 minutes)

Yes, you build it. We have pre-designed shirts for a reason, but you still get to make all the choices your heart desires. Want a club collar on your Stay Classy Staple White (link)? Have at it. Want to take the pocket off your Oxford Comma? Go nuts (editor's note: this is nuts. Keep the pocket on your Oxford shirt, please).

Step 2: Queuing (Avg time = 48 - 72 hours)

Your beautiful new shirt goes into the queue - usually 24-72 hours of waiting for batching. During this time, our founders manually check your measurements to make sure they make sense, and will get in touch with you if there are any potential issues. If it's your first time, we will only run one shirt. You can note in the comments section at checkout which shirt you'd like to run first. If it's your second time, welcome back! All shirts will be queued up for production and made at the same time.

Cut and Sew

Step 3: Cut and Sew (Avg time = 2-3 weeks)

This is where the magic happens. Our amazingly talented, hard working, 3rd generation tailors begin the real work. Your chosen fabric is carefully laid out and a unique pattern is drawn up to your exact body measurements. Then it's onto the sewing floor where each piece of your shirt is crafted by specialists. Torso, collar, sleeves, cuffs, are all assembled with careful precision. For extra durability, double stitched seams and reinforced collars and cuffs are standard on all Pacific Issue shirts. Once assembled, your shirt moves to a first round of QC on our factory floor. Then it is carefully folded and packed for shipping to our LA headquarters.

Step 4: QC in Los Angeles (Avg time = 48 hours)

At this point, you'll receive an email alerting you that your shirt has “gone into QC." Shirts arrive in our Los Angeles showroom where we (the founders) personally check each detail on your shirt. If there's any issue, you'll receive an email from us letting you know. Otherwise, expect your shipment within the week.

Pacific Issue Shipping

Step 5: Shipping (Avg time = 48 hours)

Finally, we wrap your shirt, along with some extra bonus goodies, and pack it into a Pacific Issue shipper box to send to you via two-day priority mail. You'll get an email update at this point with your tracking number.

Step 6: Fit Check In (within 1 week of shipment)

Although this isn't part of the shirt construction process, we see this as one of the most important steps. One of the founders will personally email you to ensure you are happy with the fit and finish of your shirt. Our business completely hinges on your happiness with your shirts, so don't hold back if there's something you want to tweak.

And there you have it. That is how your Pacific Issue custom shirt is made. Total average time for Pacific Issue shirt construction is four weeks. Sometimes we get them to you sooner, and sometimes a week longer, depending on volumes at the time.

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