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4 Types of Shoes You Should Own Now

November 11, 2015


Shoes. They can be pretty confusing. Some of them have laces, others don't. All of them go on your feet. The possibilities are almost endless. You need some guidance. Maybe professional help? Luckily, we went pro in shoes a few years back. So put on your learnin' cap cuz ole' PI is about to break you off some shoe knowledge.

First, a disclaimer: A lot of dressing well comes down to your own taste. Don't take this guide too literally. Find something you like and then double check it with a professional (aka a female).That said, we've compiled a list of four shoe types you should own to make you a versatile style machine. We've also taken the liberty of pairing each of these styles of shoes with two of our pre-designed shirts - how convenient!

Second, we've left the obvious - workout shoes - out of our recommendations. You can get advice on those from some know-it-all at your local sporting goods store. Let's get started.

We're not talking New Balance grey clunkers. Casual shoes should be understated, minimalist, and comfortable for strutting around town. Like a peacock. But an understated one. Ideally your casual sneakers should be dark in color - blue, black, and dark brown are usually solid choices. And speaking of solid, it's good to stick to one or two colors. Remember, these are not neon workout shoes.

PI Shirt Pairing Recommendation: The Saturday Afternoon

The most laid back of all of the boots. All of them. Chukkas are great for all seasons and everyday living. They'll class up a run-of-the-mill outfit like a t-shirt and jeans. At the same time, they'll make you look more rugged. More rugged equals more good. Think Clive Owen. Chukkas will turn you into Clive Owen.

PI Shirt Pairing Recommendation: The Mint Chalita

Dress boots are good for all seasons except late spring and summer. They look badass, as long as you don't pair them with something stupid. Like capri pants. Now that we think about it, a good pair of dress boots could even make capri pants look somewhat acceptable...somewhat. Please don't go buy capri pants. But do buy dress boots. Make sure they are a dark brown, blue, grey, green, or black. Basically just make sure they are dark.

PI Shirt Pairing Recommendation: The Venice

Black leather dress shoes can be worn to any formal or business event. They're versatile like that. They can also be worn out to a bar or club if you pair them with the right pants. If you can pull off the sockless look (read: if you don't have cankles), try them with no socks on a hot day. It's a solid to quite solid look that will fool people into thinking you're sophisticated.

PI Shirt Pairing Recommendation: The Silverlake - Black

There you have it - 4 types of shoes that will give you versatility and style for days. And if you didn't like the shirt pairings, you can see our full collection by clicking the button below.