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Summer Breeze $129.00

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When you put this shirt on Frank Sinatra's song "A Summer Wind" plays on repeat to everyone within earshot. People find it charming. People want to take pictures with you when you wear this shirt. You actually become Frank Sinatra by putting on this shirt.

Fabric Specs:

Makeup: 100% Cotton
Weave: Oxford
Thread: 40/1


Shirts fit perfect, hard for guys my size and shape to get such well-fitted clothes.
Brian W., Seattle
Fit perfectly. Very well made. Plus I look like a badass!
Dan C., San Francisco
Great service and bespoke tailoring that is competitive with department store off the rack.
Zach N., Seattle
The shirts are amazing, fantastic, incredible, outstanding, excellent, and any other adjective you can think of for great. Great selection of prints and solids. Top notch fabric quality. An all around first rate company.
Chris M., Columbus
Pacific Issue shirts are superior in fit and quality, in addition to being beautifully not boring. I am a total snob with around 30 made to measure and tailored shirts in my closet and my 3 shirts from Pacific Issue are the only ones I want to wear anymore.
Jake H., Chicago
The shirt I bought from Pacific Issue has become one of my favorite shirts. The best part about it is that I get compliments on it every time I wear it, great fabric, and perfect fit.
Morgan L., Austin
Great service and solid product
John M., New Orleans
Service was awesome, shirts came in a great package.
Joe K., Los Angeles
Unique custom fit shirts at a great price.
Zach G., Berkeley
Most important part! The Fit!. Plus the customer service is awesome. All my questions get answered immediately.
Ramon S., San Francisco
Great fit and styling. Reasonable price for custom fit clothes.
Jared D., San Francisco
Super good fit and great customer service
Robert Y., New York
I have never had a shirt fit me better.
Patrick O., Los Angeles
Great fit and great quality.
Phil M., Los Angeles
The overall quality of the shirt I received is perfect and very comfortable!
Hunter V., Philadelphia
After the initial shirt, the fit became spot on and people really notice and compliment the shirts.
Jeremy S., Chicago
Nice selection, custom fit, excellent customer service
Michael C., Los Angeles
The fit is perfect. They have tremendous selections and you can't customize the heck out of it. I have, and I will continue to recommend Pacific Issue to anyone
Mitch S., San Diego
Attentive to detail and nice fabrics
Michael S., Dallas

Our Fit Guarantee

Our sizing algorithm is optimized with data from tens of thousands of body measurements of all shapes. If it doesn’t fit perfectly (it usually does), let us know what needs to change. We will remake it or cover any alterations. If you’re ordering multiple shirts on your first visit we will make one to ensure fit. Remaining shirts will be made once fit is confirmed.

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Each shirt is carefully handcrafted to your measurements. We take time with this process, and there are no shortcuts. This might be a little longer than you're used to waiting for a shirt these days, but the shirt is built to last, and built just for you.