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Our Guarantee


We handcraft and ship it. You try it on. Our sizing algorithm is optimized with data from tens of thousands of body measurements of all shapes. If it doesn’t fit perfectly (it usually does), let us know what needs to change. We will remake it or cover any alterations.

If you’re ordering multiple shirts on your first visit we will make one to ensure fit. Remaining shirts will be made once fit is confirmed.

Custom Shirt Fit Guarantee


We search through 1,000s of unique fabrics to find the right patterns and designs to let you be you. Choose from our popular designs, tweak those designs to your liking, or order off our secret menu by leaving a comment in the comments section at checkout. If you need extra style advice email us or hit the chat button on the bottom right.


Our pledge to you: You will always get a response from a human being sitting in our Los Angeles offices. You will always be able to securely store your measurements and reorder with ease. We will do everything short of hand over our first-born sons to make you happy. Don’t take our word for it. Listen to the customers. Will someone please listen to the customers???

What Our Customers Say

"I have never had a shirt fit me better. I look like a badass!"

Patrick, New York

"Most important part - The Fit! Plus the customer service is awesome. All my questions get answered immediately."

Ramon, San Francisco

"Shirts fit perfect, hard for guys my size and shape to get such well-fitted clothes"

Brian, Seattle

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