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General Info

  • What if my shirt doesn't fit?
  • We guarantee fit on your first shirt. Period. Here's our process and fit guarantee in detail: We handcraft and ship your shirt. You try it on. If it doesn’t fit perfectly (it usually does), let us know what needs to change. We will remake it or cover any alterations. If you’re ordering multiple shirts on your first visit we will make one to ensure fit. Remaining shirts will be made once fit is confirmed.

  • How can I adjust or update the fit of my personal size?
  • Your custom body measurements are defined by our algorithm and stored securely for your convenience. They are easily adjustable at anytime. Visit your personal Pacific Issue account to update fit on your own, or email us with specific questions:

  • What's the deal with your algorithm? Why can't I just get measured by a human?
  • Read more about this here. The tl;dr - even master tailors vary in the way they measure. Our sizing algorithm is optimized with data from tens of thousands of body measurements of all shapes. It's been developed by bringing together third generation tailors and data scientists and has a lower variance in outcomes and higher fit success rate.
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Returns, Remakes & Alterations Policies

  • Our Remake/Alterations Policy
  • In the event your first shirt doesn't fit, we'll either pay for alterations or completely remake it on our dime. We're looking to form a mutually beneficial long term relationship. We know that if you're happy, you'll be more likely to come back, which will allow us to continue doing what we love and improving our product. We'll work with you on your first shirt for as many iterations as it takes (although it's usually just one). We don't do refunds since each shirt is handmade to your exact specifications.
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Care Instructions & Product Info

  • How should I wash my shirt?
  • Wash in cold water and hang dry OR bring to your local dry cleaner. Be aware that by dry cleaning your shirts they are more susceptible to button chipping and general wear and tear from harsh chemicals treatments.

  • What are your fabrics made of and where do they come from?
  • We source most of our fabrics from Asia - China, Japan, and Korea to be exact. All fabrics are curated and tested for our quality standards. The vast majority are 100% cotton. A few printed fabrics are cotton-poly blends. Many are limited and will run out rather quickly. We don't make non-iron or chemically treated fabrics. You can learn more about that here .

  • Can I customize your shirts with other options or features?
  • Most likely. Our tailors are extremely talented third generation artisans. They've made a shirt or two of all different specifications. Being an online-first company, we try not to overburden our customers with unnecessary choices. However, if you fancy yourself a custom clothing expert and have a special request, pop it into the comments section at checkout or email us at A real human will respond within 24 hours to help answer your question.
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Order Status & Delivery

  • Where's my shirt?
  • Shirts take 4-5 weeks from the time you order until they're in your hands. This might be a little longer than you're used to waiting for a shirt these days, but the shirt is built to last, and built just for you.

  • Production Status Updates:
  • We try to be as transparent as possible so you'll receive several updates during your shirt's construction process - production, quality control, and shipping/tracking info. If it's been more than 5 weeks email us at and we'll take care of you.
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